I like the idea of traveling. I think that traveling is the best way to explore the world. Being able to see new sights are amazing. I think that vacations are neat too.

Where I want to visit/explore.

I would like to go to Germany. I am currently learning German. Also a majority of my ancestory comes from Germany. I have heard a good amount about German culture and food too. I find Germany interesting in general and I would like to vist it.

Ireland is another place I would like to visit. Some of my ancestory comes from Ireland. I think Ireland is a very cool place. I have seen different pictures of Ireland and I would like to see those pictures in person. Ireland is something interesting I want to see.

Australia, The country where all the animals seem to want to kill you. Why would I want to visit there? Why not! The animals seem pretty interesting even if they want to kill me. Not only that I heard the Australia is beautiful when there isn't spiderfrost going around.

Places I have been.

Some places I have been are St.Louis,Missouri Little Rock, Arkansas, And Elephant Rock in Belleview, Missouri. I haven't really been out of state. The only time I went out of state was to Little Rock when I was 10.

When I was in St. Louis I went to the Wax Museum, And the Gateway Arch. In BelleView I went to Elephant Rock. I really like going into the arch. It was pretty high and it wasn't that scary. It was a windy day though, so the arch was rocking back and forth. Elephant rock was fun too. I did scrape my knees a couple times from jumping around on the rocks.

As for Little Rock, I didn't really explore too much. I was on the road for about eight hours and I was tired. I think the most explooring I did was staring out the window. I did get some good photos though.

How I feel about Photoscape

I like Photoscape a decent amount. It can be a little confusing but it's decent. I prefer to use it then some other sites. It is a good site.

I did something to the owl.

What I did to the Owl is changed the color scheme and added text. I basically made it into a meme. I have a bunch of photos in my drive like this. I didn't really change to much about it.

Once again I changed the color scheme. I also added A icon. Fire looked fit for this. It really expresses the cat's feelings.

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